Enjoy Sweet Smelling Paperwhites for the Holidays - Here's How!

What you'll need:
  1. Paperwhites.
  2. Pebbles, Rocks, or Leca.
  3. Container without drainage holes (glass is the best for peeking at the roots!).

    Timing is key!  Start your bulbs between 11/7 & 11/14

    Step 1 - Prepare a container that is about 3-4” deep (without drainage holes).  Get creative!  You can even use an old pickle jar or cereal bowl.  Spread 2-3” of your chosen rocks.

    Step 2 - Position your bulb with it’s pointed end up on top of first layer of rocks.  After the bulbs are in place, add another layer of rocks/stones/leca to fill any gaps and nearly cover the bulb.  The pointed tip of the bulb should still be showing.  If you have multiple bulbs (I recommend 3 to 6) tight spacing is fine.  

    Step 3 - Add enough water to the container so that the level just reaches the bottom of the bulb.  Allowing the bulb to sit in water will stimulate growth.  Keep the container is a cool spot, about 50-60 degrees for 2 weeks (sunlight is optional).  Check your water level daily to be sure the water is touching the bulb or roots once they have started to grow.  

    Step 4 - After about 2 weeks or when you see roots developing, move your paperwhites to a to a sunny window.  

    Enjoy sweet smelling flowers for the holidays in 4 to 6 weeks!

    PRO TIP!  Paperwhites tend to grow tall and fall over.  To avoid this, you can use a 1 part water to part alcohol mixture (rubbing alcohol, not Titos...stay with me here) and use that solution when adding water after the first 2 weeks.  This will keep them shorter and more manageable.  

    Paperwhites will bloom for 1-2 weeks.  To keep a steady flow of flowers throughout the fall and winter, start new bulbs every 2 weeks.

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